A little about Moruga and it’s Museum

Moruga is located on the Southern end of Trinidad, the oldest life form that is know to have existed in Moruga, were recently found by Eric Lewis. The pieces found are fossils of shells which are over six million years old. The area contains a fossil site. moving up in time, Moruga’s prehistoric era existed during the Amerindians, whom inhabited the lands their for thousands of years, this has been evident based on the numerous archaeological sites that were discovered by Eric Lewis. Then after so many years of civilizations came Columbus believably to the coastal area of Moruga where he named the Island Trinidad, formally known as Iere.

Recognizing the imminence history of almost forgotten Town from the mentioned era, it is pivotal, a museum be established that the people will know their identity and their origin and also know, why we do, what we do, and how to do the things we did, and why not to do the things we did so that tomorrow will not be scared by today’s ways.


About Moruga Museum

The Moruga Museum is dedicated to the prservation of the Sociohistoric culture of the People of Moruga, Trinidad and Tobago by extension the World. The collection is diverse and is not limited to items or from a region only, however, is open to collections from all cultures and eras.
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1 Response to A little about Moruga and it’s Museum

  1. Ryan Corcoran says:


    My name is Ryan Corcoran. I am the brother of prince Eric Lewis of Moruga. He informed me that you have tried to contact me via the e-mail address iwillhonoryou@yahoo.com. Unfortunately that is an outdated email. My current email is rcorcoran417@gmail.com. Please reply to this with your contact information as I have some projects that Eric informed me that you can help me with.

    Have a nice day,

    Ryan Pio Corcoran

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