The purpose of the Moruga Museum

Justification Moruga is one of the towns that have a diversified time frame of historic and pre-historic artefacts and matters of interest. A museum will permit the town to safeguard its socio- cultural and historic existence. Moruga is a remote and isolated town from other parts of the country and is relatively distant geographically from Port-of-Spain. Therefore, many individuals have not been able to visit the national museum hence having an established museum in the area will afford the people of Moruga the opportunity to visit a museum displaying their socio-historic culture. The Moruga museum collects and conserves the tangible and intangible heritage of the area and its environs, for the educational purposes and developing a sense of self worth and identity. We have the power to shape the society of tomorrow by securing yesterday’s stories. As a museum we are entrusted with the burden of receiving the cultural aspects and historic artefacts and interpreting the meaning and significance to later pass on to the future generations, bringing awareness to the younger ones of where they came from. The Moruga museum is intended to be diverse, not only focusing on one aspect of our rich history but showcasing all aspects that make up our diverse and multicultural society. Because of this it is necessary that the museum seek to acquire pieces that represent all the different cultures present, so that the exhibit will communicate with our people and show their heritage and continued development over the centuries. The museum seeks to offer the public a place of fun and educational exhibits.


About Moruga Museum

The Moruga Museum is dedicated to the prservation of the Sociohistoric culture of the People of Moruga, Trinidad and Tobago by extension the World. The collection is diverse and is not limited to items or from a region only, however, is open to collections from all cultures and eras.
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