Moruga Spanish Heritage Day

The Cultural, Historic and Heritage Town of Moruga will be Celebrating a Spanish Heritage Day.

The Spanish Heritage Day is expected to draw several dignitaries to Moruga, among which will be the Spanish Ambassador. The Heritage day will be held in collaboration with the Head Stake holders of the Town. The town’s schools have been invited to attend the event among other heads of the Township of Moruga. All are invited to attend, especially persons with Hispanic (Spanish ) ancestry.

The Event will be held at the Columbus Square in Moruga at the Legendary site where an annual re-enactment is  dramatized by the local Town’s people.

The days event will commence with a Drive through tour of Moruga which will be with Members of Diplomatic consortium, visiting the Heritage, Historic sites and the Moruga Museum.

The event is under the Patronage of the Prince of Moruga HRH Eric Lewis.

The date has been Confirmed for Saturday 16th May 2015. Members of the Public are expected to be seated at 10:oo am.

Cultural performance will be done on the day, address by the relevant Diplomats. Food of Spanish and Local Cuisines will be enjoyed by the participants, this to is part of the cultural day’s proceedings.


About Moruga Museum

The Moruga Museum is dedicated to the prservation of the Sociohistoric culture of the People of Moruga, Trinidad and Tobago by extension the World. The collection is diverse and is not limited to items or from a region only, however, is open to collections from all cultures and eras.
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