Petroglyph found in Moruga

When I first discovered this large stone with three rounded holes I was sceptical. Then I thought what if, what if. I guess I was in a state of shock, but then when reality settled in, I knew that I had found the rock art of our First Peoples.”
Eric Lewis, curator of the Moruga Museum and an active researcher and collector of First Peoples archaeological items, did not expect to find a petroglyph on this part of his estate because it was more than a mile away from his nearest working site. However, it did make sense.


About Moruga Museum

The Moruga Museum is dedicated to the prservation of the Sociohistoric culture of the People of Moruga, Trinidad and Tobago by extension the World. The collection is diverse and is not limited to items or from a region only, however, is open to collections from all cultures and eras.
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