Museum in Southern Trinidad

The Moruga Museum is located in the South of Trinidad.
To date it is the Most established Museum in the south of Trinidad, with an impressive collection of artifacts of Amerindian origin, Coin collection dating back to Trinidad and Tobago Spanish era. East Indian artifacts, the east Indian artifacts were bought directly from India during the Mid nineteenth century onwards during the time of indenture ship.
A section of the Moruga Museum is dedicated to the first freed slaves of African descent. The first official company of slaves were sent to Moruga who were called the Merikin. The descendants of the first freed African Americans still occupy a large portion of Moruga.
Trinidad and Tobago colonial powers during the earlier centuries are also evident, based upon the many intact pieces of artifacts from the nineteenth century and early twentieth century.
The industrial collection of the museum comprises of tools from the oldest surviving plantation estates of Moruga many of which are well in good condition and manual machineries.
Development of an Amerindian village on the Museum compound has already been commissioned and approved.
Creating an environment that tells about the lives of the ancestors of the population that exists today is one often take for granted, but at the Moruga Museum we are dedicated to to its preservation and protection for all generations.
All in all, despite of the limited resources, we have been able to make our mark in World History by contributing to its vastness. Developing the museum in align with the objectives will help us to go further, in making the most of Moruga Museum.


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